Cogito Ergo Run (I Think; Therefore I Run)

wpid-wp-1432726004563.jpegRunning. It’s torture yes. But the rewards! I don’t know what smack does for people: by all reports it’s pretty good. Running however is free! AND there’s no track marks, no risk of OD, and no need to go sell your ass on the street for 5 bucks a pop because your life has collapsed into a steaming pile of shit through insurmountable, humiliating and soul-destroying addiction. Continue reading

Steve’s Masochistic Coffee Quitting Experiment Day 26 – An Introvert’s Tale

wpid-wp-1419303795021.gifI think I may have declared victory against my coffee addiction a liiiittle early (on day 6). It’s now over three weeks since I quit coffee. 23 days to be precise. This morning, sitting in the cafe, the guy next to me receives what I know is a hideous tasting cup of Indonesian swill coffee1, but as soon as I smelled it I felt great sadness and craving. Continue reading

Steve’s Masochistic Coffee Quitting Experiment – Day 5

Coffffffeeeee. Must have coffffffeeee...
Coffffffeeeee. Must have coffffffeeee…

It has now been 72 hours since I quit coffee. Today, I’m happy to report, has been better  than yesterday. I’m still tired. Still slept for two hours after breakfast, but I did raise the energy to exercise twice today. The dysphoria has reduced to a low-grade despondency. I’m beginning to think that the worst of it may be over, Continue reading

Steve’s Masochistic Coffee Quitting Experiment – Day 4

Woe unto me.
Woe unto me.

It is now 48 hours since I quit coffee. I feel dreadful. Zero energy, and my eyes are heavy; falling down heavy. I can barely keep them open. I just want to crawl into bed. Writing about it is the last thing I want to do. I decided to leave the house this morning and go to the local cafe for tea and breakfast. The lady sitting next to me ordered a giant cup of coffee of course. Continue reading