Cogito Ergo Run (I Think; Therefore I Run)

wpid-wp-1432726004563.jpegRunning. It’s torture yes. But the rewards! I don’t know what smack does for people: by all reports it’s pretty good. Running however is free! AND there’s no track marks, no risk of OD, and no need to go sell your ass on the street for 5 bucks a pop because your life has collapsed into a steaming pile of shit through insurmountable, humiliating and soul-destroying addiction. Continue reading

Steve’s Masochistic Coffee Quitting Experiment Day 26 – An Introvert’s Tale

wpid-wp-1419303795021.gifI think I may have declared victory against my coffee addiction a liiiittle early (on day 6). It’s now over three weeks since I quit coffee. 23 days to be precise. This morning, sitting in the cafe, the guy next to me receives what I know is a hideous tasting cup of Indonesian swill coffee1, but as soon as I smelled it I felt great sadness and craving. Continue reading

Steve’s Masochistic Coffee Quitting Experiment – Day 5

Coffffffeeeee. Must have coffffffeeee...
Coffffffeeeee. Must have coffffffeeee…

It has now been 72 hours since I quit coffee. Today, I’m happy to report, has been better  than yesterday. I’m still tired. Still slept for two hours after breakfast, but I did raise the energy to exercise twice today. The dysphoria has reduced to a low-grade despondency. I’m beginning to think that the worst of it may be over, Continue reading

Steve’s Masochistic Coffee Quitting Experiment – Day 4

Woe unto me.
Woe unto me.

It is now 48 hours since I quit coffee. I feel dreadful. Zero energy, and my eyes are heavy; falling down heavy. I can barely keep them open. I just want to crawl into bed. Writing about it is the last thing I want to do. I decided to leave the house this morning and go to the local cafe for tea and breakfast. The lady sitting next to me ordered a giant cup of coffee of course. Continue reading

Steve’s Masochistic Coffee Quitting Experiment – Day 3


Well…it’s now about 5pm, 7 hours or more past the time I would normally have finished my coffees (I always have 2) for the day. I think that ‘dysphoric’, surprisingly, is a very good descriptor for what I’m feeling right now. ‘Like shit’ would also cover it. Tired, with a surprisingly mild but constant headache. And blue. Low. Despondent. Short on inspiration, short on patience. Absolutely no desire to talk to or see anyone.

Continue reading

Steve’s Masochistic Coffee Quitting Experiment – Day 2


So I have my first confession to make – I’m fully hyped for the quitting as I said, and am greatly enjoying the unique perspective and opportunities for in-depth analysis of addictive behaviors that it affords. It’s just that I’m having a liiiitle trouble with some of the finer details of the process; specifically, the part about not drinking the coffee. Continue reading