Ransomology Newsletter Number 3

Ransomology Weekly Newsletter No.3
February 2, 2015


Hello Cherished Readers!

You will recall no doubt that the hot topic of last week’s newsletter was:
The Ransomology About page stinks – I need to make it not stink.

But I begin to despair this may not be possible. Anyone who read my latest post Confessions of an Art School Douche Bag, will know that I have made a SHOCKING discovery – I am apparently NOT an artisan of language, and so not an artist capable of making great art with my words. Continue reading

Ransomology Newsletter Number 2


 Ransomology Weekly Newsletter No. 2
Jan 20, 2015

As announced last week, the Ransomology About page needs work. Foolishly, I sought input from some seasoned bloggers before writing About versions 1 to 97, and was given the dubious advice that no matter what happens, it must be short. Well intentioned I’m sure, but it turns out that this is total crap. It doesn’t have to be short at all – what it has to be good! Continue reading

Steve’s Masochistic Coffee Quitting Experiment – Day 2


So I have my first confession to make – I’m fully hyped for the quitting as I said, and am greatly enjoying the unique perspective and opportunities for in-depth analysis of addictive behaviors that it affords. It’s just that I’m having a liiiitle trouble with some of the finer details of the process; specifically, the part about not drinking the coffee. Continue reading

Steve’s Travel Advice Series – 8 Helpful Hints for Shaving One’s Head in a Third World Country


By their late 20’s most people with male pattern baldness have worked out that a closely shaved head, especially when it is accompanied by similar length facial hair, is quite attractive to a significant pool of women (and men for that matter); that is unless you are part Neanderthal, or have a head shaped like one of those Easter Island statues

Continue reading